Modelagem 3D
Real vs. Virtual

These are examples of 3D Modeling. Above, on white thumbnail, is a real photo of a table lamp used as reference.

The images below are created digitally, a digital copy of a physical object.

The resemblance is incredible!

They are copyrighted by 3desenho.com and were ordered by a client in the Decoration business. They are ready to be included in a website for sale, or in a digital environment decoration (archviz).

3d modeling

It is computer graphics art that draws, in a three-dimensional space, any type of object, organic shapes, characters, scenarios, feature films, even vignettes etc.

Digital Creation for Marketing and Project

When an object is drawn in the digital universe, it is ready to be used for various purposes. In relation to Product Design, the project can have its evolution compared, that is, putting its before x after test, or functionality x aesthetics. The 3D digital object can be used in an animated film, being part of a 3D scenario or better, as the protagonist of the plot in the skin of the main character himself, as an example of current Hollywood animation films.

3D Digital Design is more than reality these days. Visual Technology being used in all areas, regardless of what is real or virtual. Do you want to know where it comes in? Let's talk!

Real x Virtual